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2021-01-06 12:59:01https://projects.propublica.org/parler-capitol-videos/?id=bHrrdOH7wawkBiggs shown on Parler video carrying an Arizona flag along with the orange-hatted Proud Boys. Video is shot from the south end of the police line and continues for 3 1/2 minutes, showing Pezzola, Nordean, Shively, Gieswin, Chrestman, Rehl, and at least 15 others from the march in close proximity. Footage seemed likely to have come from the phone of the man in the orange ski mask shown right behind #RWDSstooge in the other Parler video which begins at 13:05 , but was in fact uploaded by another Proud BoyBefore the shooting started this is our land or country can't give it to these snakes. The lord has given us the strength to crush the head of the snake.

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