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2021-01-06 13:48:00 video uploaded (and presumably shot ) by Christian Edmonds, 23, of North Carolina shows Proud Boy co-marchers #SgtPepperSprayer and #SecretSquirrel chatting at the foot of the tall stairs under the north scaffold at the western plaza. Scott is at the front of a line clashing with Capitol police as they charge up the stairs underneath the scaffolding. Donohoe and Pezzola are not far behind. Pezzola is carrying a riot shield taken from the policeIf anyone was wondering what the front line push looked like ???? #stopthesteal #trump2020 #trumptrain2020 #trumptrain #enoughisenough #wethepeoplehavehadenough #capitalbuilding #savetherepublic #patriots
2021-01-06 22:01:46

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