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2021-01-06 11:29:38
2021-01-06 12:00:14
2021-01-06 14:21:17 is my video and proof that patriots were not the agitators against the police. You can hear the guy on the bullhorn saying stop throwing shit. Wonder who was saying that...🤔. You can also see specific people amassing in the front of the door. Regarding agitators, we were trying to stop them from fucking shit up. Someone threw a bottle next to me and you can hear me telling them to stop. I also explained what I saw happen to the window to the right of the door. Shortly thereafter I saw the door open from the INSIDE. I’m not in it for likes and follows, but this is important. Please share. @RudyG @SidneyPowell @SeanHannity @GlennBeck @JoePags @TuckerCarlson #wwg1wga #dcprotests #maga2020 #trump2020 #stopthesteal #parler #thegreatawakening #antifa #blm #draintheswamp #qanon
2021-01-06 14:23:46Video two attempted breach. #qanon #wwg1wga #stopthesteal #trump2020 #maga2020
2021-01-06 21:02:38

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