Simon, Thomas Michael

Full name (Latin characters)Simon, Thomas Michael
Family/Last name(s)Simon
Given/First name Thomas
Middle name(s)Michael
Twitter hashtag#CabGuyTom
LocationWilliston ND

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J6 Case history

All subjects are innocent before the law until proven guilty in court.
Alleged J6 RoleInvader
Case ID
Case Status
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Case history:

ID Incident Jurisdiction Case Status Charges Arrest date
January 6th 2021 Putsch at the United States Capitol

Appears in:

Metadata Preview Media Date/Time URL Appearance at (sec). Description
2021-01-06 15:13:50Parler video upload
2021-01-06 15:22:06Parler video upload

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Web presence:

ID Picture External ID Display name Description Phone Email Source Status
Cabguytom Cabguytom Parler
cabguytom Thomas James Simon Instagram
cabguytom Thomas Simon I like to Talk Twitter
Tomsimonshowthebigtopic Thomas James Simon wake up in love and not fear Facebook active
tomsimontrendingtopicsnewsradiolive Thomas Simon I live for my three grandchildren Summer, Jazz and Alyssa and my three children Tom, Thyra and Mikey! Facebook active
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