Glover, John Martin aka "Martin"

Full name (Latin characters)Glover, John Martin
Family/Last name(s)Glover
Given/First name John
Middle name(s)Martin
Twitter hashtag#TheBammer
LocationDaphne AL

Categories/Group affiliations :

ID Group Name (Parent Org) Role
Proud Boys member

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Click Me Description Partner ID Partner Link

J6 Case history

All subjects are innocent before the law until proven guilty in court.
Alleged J6 RoleInvader
Case ID
Case Status
Age at time of offense
Employer at time of offense
Position at time of offense
Empl. Status

Case history:

ID Incident Jurisdiction Case Status Charges Arrest date
January 6th 2021 Putsch at the United States Capitol

Appears in:

Metadata Preview Media Date/Time URL Appearance at (sec). Description
2021-01-06 13:20:05
2021-01-06 13:26:05
2021-01-06 13:31:05
2021-01-06 13:34:04
2021-01-06 13:36:05
2021-01-06 13:45:00
2021-01-06 13:52:02
2021-01-06 13:54:02
2021-01-06 13:55:02


File Photo Name Connection Detail
Glover, John Martin Connected via social media Venmo

Web presence:

ID Picture External ID Display name Description Phone Email Source Status
TheBammer Martin Glover Live free or die tryin Parler
TheBammer Martin Middle Bay Light Alabama Twitter
TheBammer Martin Glover Live Free or Die tryin Telegram
profile.php?id=100075968283016 John Martin Glover #PUREBLOOD SUCK MY REBEL D*** #FBIASSHOLE ROLL TIDE Facebook active
Martin-Glover Martin Glover Venmo active

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