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Start Time2020-11-30 00:00:00
Duration (seconds)381
LocationPhoenix AZ
DescriptionPhoenix Stop the Steal rally
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Title Protester Confronts Proud Boys in Phoenix
CaptionA disruptor confronted the Proud Boys at today’s ‘Stop the Steal’ rally in Phoenix. Hundreds had gathered outside the Hyatt Regency to show their support for Trump at Rudy Giuliani‘s Election Integrity Hearing when the man began yelling with his megaphone and trying to reach the ladder podium. The Proud Boys pushed into the man to move him away, eventually prompting a Phoenix Police intervention.
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#AZScubaPBDonovan, William
#AZStretchPBGoralski, Mark Thomas
#GraymoPBSaenz, Michael
#JacobChansleyChansley, Jacob Anthony
#JuviePBJuvera, Ray M.
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