Media ID80320
Start Time2021-01-06 12:00:00
Duration (seconds)1861
LocationUS Capitol
DescriptionCompilation video including large crowd crossing NW barricades
Title "March for Trump" Rally turns into US Capital Take
CaptionWashington D.C. - On January 6th, 2021, people from all over the world came to Washington D.C. to attend rallies around the area to protest the 2020 Election results of President Donald Trump. President Trump held a rally "March for Trump" at the Washington Monument park and then a large crowd marched to the U.S. Capitol. It wasn't long before they decided to storm the Capitol steps. The storming of the Capitol put a stop to the Electoral College Certification. Capitol Police, DC Metro, and Secret Service were put in place to secure the Capitol. At about 5:45PM D.C. time police finally backed by the Mayor and Governor started physically pushing people away from the Capitol armed with a "curfew order" at 6:00PM. There were many injuries to law enforcement and protesters. One female attendee was shot and killed by law enforcement inside the Capitol, and 3 other people died due to medical incidents.
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Archive URLhttps://jan6archive.com/youtube/YONAuAesjAY.mp4
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#RayBanTerroristFischer, Alan J III
#JoeBiggsBiggs, Joseph Randall116919:29
#1776HatPBRae, Paul116919:29
#BruhPBVilla, Eliseo3776:17
#AZScubaPBDonovan, William3776:17
#MunchkinPBHague, Robert3846:25
#USAPBBarcenas, Christopher George3846:25
#FashProShopJackman, Arthur3946:35
#SgtPepperSprayerWorrell, Christopher John3946:35
#ChudChadPBRamey, Barry Bennett3946:35
#AZBadgePBMarinello, Charles3946:35
#FannyPackPBVournas, Tom Henry3946:35
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