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Title Siege of The Capitol and Deadly Shooting on Januar
CaptionJanuary 6 2021 Washington DC – Crowds who came for #stopthesteal rally to hear the speech by Donald J Trump, marched to the Capitol. Groups stormed Capitol Building in Washington DC soon after, breaching multiple entries into the building where the senate was in session. Police repeatedly used pepper spray, tear gas and tactic smoke, Clashes continued through out the afternoon, until the crowd was finally dispersed by around 8pm. A woman was shot inside of the Capitol after group stormed in and tried to breach the chambers. She was declared dead and identified as Ashli Babbitt. This 20 minute video filmed by FNTV contributor Dakota Santiago, walks you through the sequence of events on that day. Video by Dakota Santiago (FNTV Freedomnews.tv) [email protected] to license video footage editorial, documentary and/or commercial www.freedomnews.tv Don't forget tto subscribe to our youtube channel and click ??for notifications. Thank you for watching!
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