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Title January 6 DC Riot RAW Video | Capitol building ins
CaptionHere is a longer recap of January 6, 2021 in DC, these are clips from the initial morning rally that was peaceful without incidents. Then I show where I made my way towards the Capitol building. Also followed Proud Boys who were present along the way. All footage is in chronological order as I recorded the days events. Eventually I show where the first barricades are taken over by protesters, as crowds stormed the area, clashed with police. Soon after they'd make their way inside the Capitol building. You'll also see many clips from my previous video, which includes the reaction of people when they first found out Ashli Babbitt had been shot and killed. All videos are available for licensing. Contact: [email protected]
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#BlackSkiMaskOrta, Paul Jr.
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#ClockworkAlexPBMcDonald, Trevor
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#FreeAlexShirtBledsoe, Matt
#GalDiceClayLazar, Rebeca
#GreenBandanaManCopeland, Jonathan Joseph
#GrumpyPBRusch, Shannon
#IAmTaylerHansenHansen, Tayler
#JoeBiggsBiggs, Joseph Randall
#OldTexasHelmetBlythe, Jason Benjamin
#SeriousForeheadBingham, Brian Glenn
#ThomasBaranyiBaranyi, Thomas
#ZachRehlPBRehl, Zachary
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