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Title US Capitol Under SIEGE in Washington DC January 6t
CaptionJanuary 6 2021 Washington DC - Thousands of angry Trump supporters respond to his call to action in morning speech by storming and occupying the United States Capitol Building causing lawmakers to shelter in place and forcing the halt of the counting of Electoral Votes. As the protesters stormed into the building, drawing the eyes of the world, Capitol Police struggled to stop the crowds. Groups ran through the building some ending up in congressional offices and some occupying the Senate chamber. However as one group tried to breach the floor of the House of Representatives, gunfire broke out from behind the door, and a bullet struck a women in the neck, killing her. (video of the shooting here https://youtu.be/AeEPoqWTRn0) Three other people were reported to have died of "medical emergencies," according to a statement by the Metropolitan Police Department. The protesters breached the building in several locations, on the front and rear entrances to the Capitol. We also witnessed police attempting to disperse the crowd trying to enter on the North side of the building. Inside the building and under the Capitol Dome, fighting broke out between protesters and police, with pepper spray being deployed. As the sky grew darker, the flashbangs and tear gas canisters exploded eerily and ominously around the front of the Capitol as police attempted to disperse the massive crowd from the stage, still under construction, for the inauguration in just 2 weeks. [email protected] to license video footage editorial, documentary and/or commercial www.freedomnews.tv Don't forget tto subscribe to our youtube channel and click ??for notifications. Thank you for watching!
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