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Start Time2021-01-06 14:12:00
Duration (seconds)29
DescriptionPezzola filming the riot from an upper terrace as the mob breaks through to the Capitol building fa├žade
SourceParler (ProPublica)
User ID@RandomWatching (McCreary, Brian )
Caption/*From this point forward in my day; these will be marked sensitive. These clips will depict a small band of individuals who seemingly do most of the damages -From my perspective. I still have yet to look into any stories that have taken place on the same day. These have been sent to the FBI; and I hope everyone who partook in the actual destruction of property and derailed the event be punished accordingly.*/ I make my way around and notice a couple of barricades laying vertically against the nearby wall.From up there - I'll get a great angle of everything; a better understanding of what is happening. Right?Well, certainly not at first.I hear someone call for people to move up.Why is a group of people breaking away from the crowd? Where are they going?Apparently to break shit. But who is breaking; what is; still a bit too far to see anything...
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#SpazzoPezzola, Dominic
#RWDSstoogeKennedy, Nicholas L.
#JacobChansleyChansley, Jacob Anthony2
#JohnEarlSullivanSullivan, John Earl7
#SpazzoPezzola, Dominic 7
#ZipTieNYCGuyFinney, Christopher Douglas28
#BabyFaceInsiderPurdy, Gregory
#BetaKappaMagaBaggott, Matthew
#DanielPageAdamsAdams, Daniel Page
#FuzzyPinheadHughes, Jerod Wade
#GreyFleeceGadsdenFlagParks, Stewart
#JacobChansleyChansley, Jacob Anthony
#RandomWatchingMcCreary, Brian
#WilliamWatsonWatson, William Wright
#ZipTieNYCGuyFinney, Christopher Douglas
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