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IDDescriptionDate Location Latitude Longitude Media count Gallery
Free Palestine Rally and March2023-10-21Eugene OR44.051-123.09
Proud Boys rally2023-09-17Manhattan40.7143-74.006
Radar Brewing Drag Brunch2023-06-10Winston-Salem NC
Holi-Drag story time protest2022-12-03Columbus OH
Halloween Drag Brunch2022-10-30Sanford NC35.48-79.1805
Sen. Blackburn anti-Trans rally2022-10-21Nashville TN36.1745-86.7679
Rainbow Story Hour2022-06-27South Bend IN public library Tutt branch41.6763-86.2502
Supreme Court protest, ATL 2022-06-252022-06-25Atlanta GA
San Lorenzo Drag Queen Story Hour2022-06-11San Lorenzo CA public library37.6809-122.124
Proud Boys PP Protest2022-02-12San Jose CA Planned Parenthood37.33-121.89
"Fall Love Fest", Culver City, October 20212021-10-16Carlson Park
Summer of Hate2021-08-22Portland OR
Anti-Vax protest, Los Angeles2021-08-14LAPD Headquarters
Proud Boys "Flag wave" rally, Creswell OR, July 4 20212021-07-04Creswell OR
Transphobia rally2021-07-03Wi Spa, Los Angeles CA
Proud Boys' "American Flag Wave"2021-06-18Clackamette Park, Oregon City OR45.3709-122.603
Proud Boys rally, Salem OR, May 1 20212021-05-01Salem OR
Proud Boys sighting2021-04-24Harrisburg PA
White Lives Matter rally2021-04-11Huntington Beach CA
"Worldwide Freedom" anti-vax rally2021-03-20Raleigh NC
J6 Putsch2021-01-06Washington DC38.8899-77.00911222
Stop the Steal march2020-12-12Washington DC38.896-77.027474
Stop the Steal rally2020-11-30Phoenix AZ
Proud Boys rally2020-11-28Raleigh NC35.8325-78.64351
Proud Boys March2020-11-21Sacramento CA38.5816-121.4943
Million MAGA March2020-11-14Washington DC38.89-77.011194
"Defeat the Steal" rally, Salem OR, 14 November 20202020-11-14Salem OR
Stop the Steal rally, Salem OR 7 Nov. 20202020-11-07Salem OR
Black Lives Matter protest/counterprotest 11/01/20202020-11-01Creswell OR
Proud Boys March2020-10-24Ithaca NY42.4433-76.5
Proud Boys "End Domestic Terrorism" rally2020-09-26Portland OR45.5051-122.6758
Proud Boys March2020-08-29Modesto CA37.6614-120.994
Back the Blue Rally2020-08-22Justice Center, Portland OR
Proud Boys March2020-08-15Kalamazoo MI42.2917-85.58722link
Black Lives Matter protest2020-07-11Rogersville TN36.4106-82.9919
George Floyd protest, Raleigh NC, 30 May 20202020-05-30Raleigh NC
Proud Boys March2020-04-15Michigan State Capitol42.7336-84.5555
Proud Boys rally2019-08-17Portland OR45.5372-122.65
Gavin McInnes Republican Club appearance2018-10-12Metropolitan Republican Club, Manhattan
Resist Marxism Rally2018-10-06Providence RI
Patriot Prayer rally2018-08-04Portland OR45.537-122.65
Patriot Prayer rally2018-06-03Portland OR
Patriot Prayer rally2018-02-02Seattle WA
Unite the Right rally2017-08-11Charlottesville VA38.03-78.479
Patriot Prayer rally2017-08-06Portland OR
Proud Boys "March Against Sharia"2017-07-15Islamberg NY
Al-Qaeda Attack on the United States2001-09-11
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